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A good drink in Singapore does not need to break the bank! Check out Underground Wines - the best online wine delivery shop Singapore :)

Singapore has a high duty on alcohol, but the duty in itself does not explain why decent wine is so expensive here! Add $10 for duty & shipping and you should get very good wines for $25, right? High real estate and manpower costs conspire to make any wine of a decent quality a lot more expensive than it should. Over the years, we've worked hard to make our wines retail for pretty much the same price here, as they in their home country.

We take an enormous amount of pride in our simple and honest pricing model.

We buy direct from the wine-makers, focussing on family owned & run vineyards that we can work closely with, to bring products that make sense to the market here. We've worked hard and carved a niche for carrying hidden gems that taste great and are a positive surprise on the pricing. Our regulars value our service and enjoy the high level of interaction with us and the winemakers who frequently stop by for interactive tasting sessions.

A mixed retail and wholesale business model gives us the ability to source hidden gems at excellent prices and offer great deals to direct buyers - high quality wine on the cheap with unbeatable deals on great wines.

Home delivery is our bread and butter - our central location keeps delivery overheads low, while being very cost efficient as compared to the smallest of stores in a mall. We offer next day delivery (in some cases, the same day!) for free, or at a very reasonable cost, depending on your order. Oh and do come visit us on the Saturdays, when we pop open a couple of bottles for tasting! You're very welcome to pop by for a chat! (but do check the opening hours, we're overhead-lite, so no dedicated salespeople!

The small, fun loving team strongly believes in word of the mouth publicity and shuns ad-spend or sponsorship - we'd much rather give you a better value on the wine you buy :) We love what we sell - and refuse to carry a wine that we do not like - howsoever enticing the economics be. Oh, and no intermediaries - goes against the honest pricing model

Our wines and our customers are at the core of our business. We are here to make your wine experience a friendly and enjoyable one. Planning a party, need to rent glasses, or, wine on consignment? Just give us a shout and we'll help you figure out the best solution. We frequently do private & corporate tasting sessions, gift orders and wedding supplies.

Finally and most importantly - we would love to hear from you - feedback on the wine, the crew or a new wine that you tasted in your travels. This feedback is important to keep us on our toes - even more important than spreading the word about the hidden gem that works hard to get quality wine delivered to your doorstep at very reasonable prices! Drop us a line



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