Delivery Information


Our aim is to make your wine delivery as convenient to you as we possibly can by asking your preference for one of the following -

Monday 10am to 2pm 1pm to 5pm 4pm to 8pm
Tuesday 10am to 2pm 1pm to 5pm 4pm to 8pm
Wednesday 10am to 2pm 1pm to 5pm 4pm to 8pm
Thursday 10am to 2pm 1pm to 5pm 4pm to 8pm
Friday 10am to 2pm 1pm to 5pm 4pm to 8pm
Saturday 10am to 2pm 1pm to 5pm 4pm to 8pm

If we do not have your preference we will allocate you a time when we are next in your area over the next few days. This day and time will be communicated on your 'Wine Order Confirmation' which will be emailed with payment options or acknowledgement of payment received. Please do feel free to change that time by replying to the email or calling us at 6514 3227.


Orders $0 to $199.99 (after any discounts) have a $10 delivery charge
Orders $200 (after any discounts) upwards receive free delivery


We can guarantee next day delivery if we receive your order before 2pm. However, we can usually fulfill orders placed later, we just need to ask for your understanding, especially as we get closer to the weekend. We always recommend ordering as much in advance as possible.    

We understand that wine emergencies occur and you need same day delivery in which case we will endeavour to help. A driver may be in the office or we are in a handy location at 315 Outram Road. 07-04 Tan Boon Liat Building, Singapore 437965. If you would like to self collect do give us a call at 6514 3227. 


Our drivers have busy schedules and cannot be expected to wait. If there is nobody home we endeavour to will contact you to arrange an alternative arrangement. If we cannot contact anyone the wine will be bought back to the warehouse and a  re-delivery fee charged.

We are happy to leave wine at your own risk on your doorstep, a pre-arranged hiding place, a neighbour or with security guards. Just let us know.


Gifts - we offer complimentary gift card and suitable packaging. So please email us and inform us if you have any special delivery.

And lastly, although unlikely, we do take your delivery very seriously so please do let us know if you have any feedback on the delivery team!


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