All the Foxy Ladies… Oh! Oh! Oh!

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Big, bold, red wines

The Ladies in dark red…

In our world, the oenophile's world, aged is sexy. This is why we have a special post dedicated to the full body, dark, intense, foxy wines which age gracefully with time. Beware though – they are not for amateurs and definitely not for the faint-hearted. If there’s excitement, put them all in it!

All the foxy ladies (all the foxy ladies), All the foxy ladies –now put your hands up. Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot… Sangiovese, Malbec & much, much, much more…


Sangiovese is a medium bodied, off-dry red wine with classic Italian roots. The principal grape of Chianti, Tuscany it exhibits a fruity cherry flavour sometimes mixed with some spicy tobacco leaves. If you’ve decided to attempt to go for a bolder wine, this foxy number is a good one to start with. Although it is considered a big red, it serves as a good initiation wine to the ‘dark side’. A great companion for Italian pasta and/or grilled meats. 


A darker medium-body & medium-dry wine that when aged in oak develops a higher tannin and tobacco-like flavour. Typical aromas of Merlot would include blackberry, plum, current, chocolate and vanilla. From the ‘big reds’ Merlot is still a wine that plays it safe. It is easy to like, easy to drink and generally an agreeable wine; sometimes with the disadvantage of lacking any substantive character on its own. If you still aren’t sure you can handle a deep red, Merlot is the way to go up the ladder of developing your palate. Consume with care though! She may be sweet but the next morning you will feel the price you’ve had to pay of playing with fire if you’re not careful. 


The little Argentinian number, with a cheeky character takes well to ageing in oak barrels. She’s usually grown in high altitudes to develop her acidity. Her medium-dry full-body texture exhibits cherry, strawberry, plum fruit characteristics; as well as some pricy nutmeg, cinnamon & white pepper flavours. This exotic, dark, inky dark violet body wine is nifty and skilled at getting under your skin and into your head. 


Reaching the Syrah level, you definitely are NOT in Kansas anymore. You’re out of your relaxed and quiet comfort zone and into the deep. Syrah or Shiraz is a peppery and spicy medium to heavy body, bold wine. From her audacious black olive, red velvet and clove flavours to her dynamic finish. Syrah is wild, friendly but fiery, with the “inhibitions to the wind” mentality. You can never master a Syrah, you can only learn to run wild and free alongside her. 

Cabernet Sauvignon

Behold we arrive at Hers truly – Cabernet Sauvignon. Although there are legends about her and most people know what to expect, this wine can never be a foregone conclusion. This wine’s passionate energy stated centuries ago with its very creation. Cabernet Franc and Sauvignon Blanc were crossed to create this bold goddess of red.  Her heavy, oaky body is rich in outputs of pepper and cedar flavours, outbursts of fruit and spices. Although she is a classic, she’s also for the mature, masculine individual; always explicit and direct. Cabernet only gets better with age, sometimes even blended to calm down her intensely astringent tannins.   If you’ve mastered her thick, jammy, layered body you can take on anything in this world. Best of all, you are a true appreciator and an oenophile. 

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