Party in style this holiday season!

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Party in style while you get ready to welcome the new decennium!


Here’s Team UGW’s handy guide to the best party that you will ever throw!

KISS- Keep It Simple, Sweetheart! Have a variety of excellent drinking wines, but save your fanciest wines for a more intimate setting. Think through the nibbles & food that you’ll be serving (ask us for suggestions!), and order away to glory using promo code PARTYTIME to get an extra 20% off all Soho Wines, and all our bubbles on offer. (Must be registered and logged-in for the code to work.)



Not everyone likes bubbles, but you can’t go wrong with a bottle or two on hand. They also pair very well with many different foods!

Bushmere Amelia Sparkling Pinot Gris is the perfect off-dry bubbles to get the evening going, with the Amelia Rose our preferred tipple for those with an inclination towards the dry side of things. We wholeheartedly recommend Akarua Brut Methode Traditionelle NV for those serious about their fizz (second fermentation happens in the bottle), and the Bubbles for Brigid, 2010 Vintage, for that really special celebration.


What never fails, ever? A Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc –juicy and mouth-watering, with lime, passion fruit, kiwi, minerals and hints of green pepper, it’s a consistent winner. Go with the Soho Peggy if you like the fruitier side of things or the Stella if you fancy something crisp with a long textural finish.


The wine made for Singapore!

Soho’s White Collection Rose is expressive of pure summer succulence, while Bushmere’s Rose, made from two of Italy’s finest varieties, Sangiovese and Montepulciano, has aromas of strawberry leaping from the glass and the first sip is full of sweet summer berries and evening floral scents. You will be hooked to this intense, crisp and slightly sweet wine!


Soho’s White Collection Pinot is a sophisticated wine where culture & style combine. Layered cherry, violet & chocolate create a cosmopolitan dream scent while the velvety texture and the finest of tannins make it the essence of elegance. The Soho Bobby, on the other hand, is beautifully expressive, racy & stylish. Layered cherry, truffles and plum unveil the velvety texture – devastatingly handsome and a boisterous, lovable rogue – much like the cheeky 4 legged SOHO resident the wine is named after!

One for the road: Soho Betty, with its delicate sweetness, lime and lemon zest and a body of pear and grapefruits will leave your guests asking for more- Sorbet in a bottle!



Amelia: canapés, lightly spiced seafood

Amelia Rose: grilled light meats

Akarua Brut: shellfish, cheese

Soho Peggy: lightly seasoned vegetables, goat cheese,

Stella: grilled fish, cheese

Soho White Pinot Noir:  pasta, roasted chicken, oily fish like salmon

Soho Bobby Pinot Noir: casseroles, stews, duck




Don’t forget to keep your guests well hydrated to keep the party going long, and to make for beautiful pleasant memories the morning after!

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